Your business may be going well, but how can you tell everything is optimised unless you measure? That’s why we invented Opticloud.

Opticloud is a hardware box you can mount on an industrial machine. It comes with a subscription to a software platform you run in a browser. The combination of hardware box and cloud software is your measurement tool: Opticloud.

The solution includes:

  • The hardware box, also known as a data logger.
  • Software for operators, also known as the operating panel.
  • The Opticloud administration system.

The data logger is measuring uptime and can be configured to collect additional data per machine. Data is sent from the data logger to the cloud server.

Opticloud is a full-blown administration platform for your factory. You can configure machines, create users, measure productivity across machines and export data to business intelligence software such as Microsoft Power BI or just plain and simpel Microsoft Excel to analyse data. There’s also a built-in reporting tool for the daily basics.

Operators at the factory can use the operating panel running on a tablet computer next to every machine to input any reason for a stop in production. That way data is enriched and data analysis can take into account if there was a planned stop, a machine was running idle because of production bottlenecks or any other reason.

The entire production can be visualised using a dashboard in the factory, so operators taking care of more than a few machines can detect a production stop from a single location and take action.

Get started

We at Optipeople can and will help you with everything you need. Just contact us, and we will do our very best to answer any questions from how to get started to how to understand data improve efficiency.

Opticloud has a track record of improving OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) at factories and we can probably also improve yours.

  • Call chief of sales Kim Dannesboe on mobile +45 23 74 47 05 or send him an email:

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